Customisable Flood Risk Analysis and Decision Automation.

Maximise IT’s Flood Risk Analysis and Decision Automation Solution provides organisations with powerful, actionable insights and decision automation capability. Our customisable solution can be tailored to support a wide range of risk, lending, claims management and consumer duty scenarios including mortgage origination, climate risk assessment, and first responder flood risk management use cases.

Flood Risk Analysis Solution Key Features:

Enhanced Flood Risk Data:
Our solution aggregates and enhances flood risk data from various third party specialists and market leading sources, providing a comprehensive and accurate view of flood risk for a given property.
Climate Risk Assessment and Portfolio Monitoring:
Our solution enables businesses to assess and monitor climate risk across their property portfolio, identifying properties at risk of flooding and providing insights for proactive risk mitigation strategies.
Streamlined Mortgage Origination:
By integrating flood risk data into the mortgage origination process, our solution automates risk assessment, reduces manual processing, and expedites decision-making, leading to faster loan approvals.
First Responder Flood Risk Management:
Our solution facilitates real-time flood risk assessment and information sharing for first responders, enabling them to make informed decisions during and after flood events.

How it Works

Software Walkthrough

Accurate insights to manage climate change risks

The data used to model flood risk is regulated and used by 70% of UK lenders. The data is remodelled after every major flood, covering Fluvial, Pluvial and Tidal flood risks.

Software engineered to enhance your business

Profile your complete portfolio of properties in minutes against the latest flood risk data. Customisable variables within the app allow fine tuning to match business risk acceptance.

Automated case management with AI integration

Improve customer journeys for sales, origination and insurance assessments by automatically processing cases with a low risk of flooding and present high risk cases for manual assessment. Relevant insights and flood mapping technology are used to protect your business and meet regulatory objectives.

All the details in one screen to risk assess your portfolio

Case details screen contains all the data you need to assess a case, including case management tasks, notes, and an audit trail all in one place. This screen also links to the map visualisation that overlays projected flood risks with adjustments for potential climate change models and time.

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