Customisable Carbon Capture & Decisioning Solutions

Maximise IT’s Carbon Capture Solutions provide a highly customisable platform that increases accuracy and tracks carbon emissions from your entire Organisation and supply chain. It goes beyond current dashboarding and reporting solutions. By automating the collection of more of your ESG data, integrating specialist third party data sources and utilising advanced data modelling, we create accurate carbon emission visualisations, actionable insights and automated process and decision capability to meet your ESG aspirations faster.

Carbon Capture Key Features:

    Vehicle Carbon Emissions:
  • Accurately calculates carbon emissions for all vehicles by factoring in real-world MPG data, vehicle age, and components.
  • Differentiates between personal and business mileage for each vehicle.
  • Includes the lifecycle CO2 of each vehicle component, including materials like lithium polymer, nickel, cadmium, steel, and aluminium.
  • Public Transport Carbon Emissions:
  • Leverages API information to determine the number of passengers on trains and buses.
  • Considers the age and emissions of public transport vehicles to calculate carbon emissions accurately.
    Building Carbon Emissions:
  • Accesses smart meter data to track actual gas and electricity consumption.
  • Accounts for the mix of gas used, which varies by country and supplier.
  • Identifies renewable energy suppliers to factor in their impact on carbon emissions.
  • Data-Driven Insights and Advisories:
  • Provides actionable insights to businesses based on their carbon emission data.
  • Suggests measures to reduce carbon emissions, such as remote work options and energy-efficient practices.
  • Enables businesses to meet ESG targets and potentially receive preferential rates from environmentally conscious partners.

How it Works

Software Walkthrough

Customisable dashboards

Customisable end to end CO2 insights. Using the most accurate available data or validated models to inform business decisions.

Going beyond the regulation to measure actual emissions

Vehicle CO2 based on lifecycle CO2 and mpg based on real world mpg not manufacturers stated figures.

Valuable insights without the resource overheads

By automating data collection and utilizing the Maximise IT Datastore, businesses can achieve accurate CO2 measurements through automated web scraping and API integrations.

Smart Meter Integration

Using actual gas and electricity readings to accurately measure CO2 outputs for buildings.

ESG Source is adaptable and scalable for businesses around the globe.

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