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Software Development

Maximise IT has extensive software development experience with expertise in a wide range of technologies. Benchmarked against all Microsoft Gold Partners in the UK, and scored across six different customer care performance indicators, we have achieved an average score of 87% against the Microsoft Partner network average of 79%.


We have an extensive curriculum of training courses, delivered by trainers who are experts in their field and skilled at delivering course content with enthusiasm and passion, achieving an overall average of 97% in our training evaluation and satisfaction surveys.


Maximise IT can provide a range of flexible resourcing options, from enabling you to enhance your existing teams through to assisting you with meeting the demands of a one-off project.

About Us

Maximise IT Solutions Ltd is a UK based IT Services company and proud Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We offer a range of products and services designed around our company ethos; helping to maximise and exploit the value of technology.

Our core services include software development, training and resourcing. We handle a wide range of IT challenges with a particular specialism in bespoke software development to streamline business processes.

A wealth of knowledge of internal business process and the technology landscape, amassed over multiple projects, allows us to rapidly steer deliveries to successful outcomes.

Through deep integration into organisations, our unique proposition allows close integration with both tactical and strategic solutions, bridging this important gap and removing much pain from the delivery process.

Our Mission

To maximise technology benefits by delivering a range of first class IT services,
helping to support the success of our customers.

If you have a challenge in need of a technology solution, let us build it for you.

Tony Williams. Managing Director, Maximise IT Solutions Ltd

Our Team

We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for the passion, enthusiasm, hard work and determination of our dedicated teams. Experts in their field, our people have a mutual determination to ensure project deliveries are met and our quality standards maintained.

Software Development

Our Mission: To build quality, innovative software solutions to support the success of your business. Maximise IT has extensive software development experience from Microsoft Office development right through to scalable Enterprise-grade cloud applications.

Exceptional Expertise

Maximise IT is proud to be recognised as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and to be awarded the coveted Custom Development Solutions competency.

Project management

Experience of planning and leading projects; a wealth of knowledge of internal process and the technology landscape, allows our project managers to steer deliveries to successful outcomes, quickly.

Outstanding Support

Bespoke support packages to meet your individual application or infrastructure requirements, helping you to achieve your SLA’s.

User Friendly

We pride ourselves in user-focused design for the most rewarding user experience.

Bespoke solutions

Maximise IT has an impressive portfolio of products and an excellent track record of delivery.


We have an enviable reputation for delivering applications on time and to budget.

Technical experts

We have a talented team of in-house technical experts, transforming software specifications and project briefs into innovative and business enhancing solutions.

  • Office development
  • SharePoint development
  • Relational databases
  • Scalable cloud solutions
  • Web-based applications
  • Windows Forms development


At Maximise IT we take training seriously – whatever the need from standard Microsoft Office packages to specialised software development courses, we have the solution.

Training packages delivered in-house

Many clients have reaped the benefits of bespoke training packages delivered in-house. Customised programmes can substantially reduce the cost per person as staff are given precisely the right content to suit the unique format of the business.

In addition, both the Human Resources and Finance departments are released from the pressure of organising and paying for multiple travel expenses.


Simplify training management!

Maximise IT offers a total learning managed system where one key contact will advise on suitable courses, select the most appropriate option, determine pre-requisite requirements and provide an informative course outline. An individual portal can be created to facilitate bookings and manage a busy schedule. One simple invoice avoids the burden of complicated paperwork.

Let us help to make learning effective and valued throughout your organisation by making each course relevant to today's business needs and your individual market.

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Our Mission: To help our customers gain competitive advantage by providing first class, cost effective, resource solutions.

Through our four stage quality assurance process, we help to ensure not only an appropriate level of skill and experience, but also that each resource will be a good fit for your organisation.

  • Gather requirements

    The first step on the journey is to take the time to properly understand and gather your resource requirements.

    We strive to build long term relationships with our customers based on an open an honest approach. Taking the time and trouble to understand your needs and working environment is just the start.

  • Solution design

    We select the most appropriate resource solution from our range of services. We can supply a range of IT staff from developers, network engineers and project managers on short-term or long-term projects.

  • Background checks

    If required, we can check the background of every resource including criminal record, bankruptcy and previous employment references.

  • Quality assurance

    Every resource is interviewed by a technically proficient expert to ensure that skill sets are evidenced and the right appointment decisions are made.


Maximise IT Solutions provides resource services to some of the largest companies in the UK.

Through our four stage quality assurance process, we help to ensure not only an appropriate level of skill and experience, but also that each resource is a good fit for your organisation.

Maximise IT can provide high calibre personnel with knowledge and experience in almost any discipline. Below are just a few examples. Contact us to find out more or to discuss your requirements.

  • Software Engineer
  • Business Development Analyst
  • Computer Support Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Technical Author
  • Web Developer


Maximise IT provides a wide range of resource services covering many technologies, old and new. We provide high calibre resources expertly checked using our four stage Quality Assurance process.

Resource Managed Services. Using our flexible consolidated billing service, you receive one invoice covering any number of different resources or projects. By reducing the paperwork and providing a single point of contact, you save administration burden, time and money. Our Resource Managed Service may be available for your existing resource pool. Please contact us for further details.

Contract Resource. Do you need to supplement your in-house skills for one-off projects or to respond to workload demands? We have access to a large pool of contract resource, readily available for fixed term contracts.

Off-shoring. Through our off-shoring operations in Bulgaria, Egypt and India, we can help you take advantage of the vastly reduced resource costs available in the global marketplace.

Manpower Integration. Without the high cost normally associated with consultancy, or the fixed duration required by contract resource, our unique Manpower Integration Service offers the ultimate in flexibility if you are unwilling or unable to commit to fixed term contracts.

Do you have a team of contractors? If so, we can seamlessly manage this resource pool for you so that you can get on with the job of managing your business. Using our flexible consolidated billing service, you can receive one invoice covering any number of different resources or projects, reducing paperwork, time and money.

We have the resources available to help maximise your IT solutions. Contact Us to find out how we can help.


Through our recruitment division, Maximise Recruitment, we offer fully managed, permanent and contract recruitment solutions. As we are an IT company at heart we have the knowledge and expertise to solve your IT recruitment needs

Maximise Recruitment promises to provide an honest, ethical and reliable service exactly matched to your needs and budget.

To find out more please visit our dedicated website:

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Software development, training, resourcing - helping to maximise and exploit the value of technology
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Client Feedback

  • Nick

    Enterprise Platforms Director

    I just wanted to drop you both a note to say thank you for supporting our initiative. I really appreciate what you have done and without your contribution we couldn't have progressed this work stream.
    The fact you gave up your time to help us improve our environment for colleagues is exceptional.

  • Marie

    Project Manager

    ...I would also like to add MaxIT are the best 3rd party, or internal, support team I have worked with in my 4 years
    ...they have consistently provided a high quality services and genuinely try to make life easier.

  • Rik


    I just wanted to send an email to you guys to relay my appreciation of your efforts over the past month but especially during the past 2 weeks of execution.
    My team have all been flat out executing as you know, raising quite a high number of defects. The way you guys have responded has been really refreshing, impressive and has made it a real pleasure for me to be part of this delivery. Without your commitment and skill we wouldn't be in the position we are in now so a huge thanks from me.
    See you on the next release!

  • Jon

    Delivery Service Manager

    I have worked with Max IT for over 3 years on numerous projects. Max IT are unfailingly professional, effective and efficient. They are totally delivery and customer focused with a tremendous track record of successful application implementation and change. Solutions and presentations are always of the highest quality. On many occasions Max IT have gone beyond their agreed remit to help out the wider organisation, frequently providing support and expertise at short notice. They have always demonstrated total commitment to our success.

  • Ian

    Design Mobilisation Lead

    I have worked closely with Maximise IT for several years and have found them to be a consistently high quality organisation to do business with. Their method of work ensures that as a customer you feel at ease with the working relationship, that your requirements are being well understood and professionally delivered and that where there is an opportunity to add additional value, Maximise IT will ensure that they do.

  • Thomas

    IT Project Manager

    Max IT were a key delivery team on the programme and my experience working with them was never anything less than positive. Their technical skill set was excellent and their development teams and leads are knowledgeable and approachable. They were able to be reactive/pragmatic when needed whilst maintaining the overall plan and providing quality reporting in a pressured environment. It was refreshing to work with a third party who would always consider the maintenance and improvement of the relationship with the customer to be a key outcome of a piece of work.

  • Paul

    Lead Solutions Architect

    I was impressed with Max IT’s technical skill and ability to react quickly to change of scope and timeline.

  • Jacky

    Operations Manager

    I would recommend Max IT to anyone, you did a fabulous job. Point anyone in my direction and I will tell them personally.

  • Michelle

    Senior Manager

    I have always found Maximise IT to be helpful and supportive, deliver great solutions, on time and within budget.

  • Anita

    Senior Manager

    Maximise IT played a pivotal role in delivering the training solution for our programme. The ‘Travis’ tool ensured we had accessible materials with robust underpinning MI. The Max IT team were a pleasure to do business with, delivering all that they promised in a supportive and collaborative manner. Quite simply they helped us understand what we needed so we got the requirements right in the first place (we only need one small CR) built and tested what we had all agreed was required in the time and costs agreed … and finally implemented a tool that worked.

  • Ian

    Delivery Manager

    We worked extensively with Max IT on a Training solution that formed a key deliverable for the programme and then subsequently to enhance the system to support additional training. Excellent delivery within short timescales and with great engagement with the Business, we would be happy to recommend Max IT as a supplier of innovative solutions.

  • Mike

    Service Process Design

    Have worked with Maximise IT to deliver significant improvements to the [xx] process and again for [xx]. I’ve found them to be responsive, flexible and very efficient, always delivering on time and to quality.

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